A Summer Baby

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You hear so much about the challenges that can accompany pregnancy.  Sometimes it’s physically uncomfortable.  Sometimes it’s exhausting.  Sometimes it’s nerve-wracking.  Sometimes it’s all of the above.

And so, given the challenges that pregnant women sometimes face, I find it really lovely when families — and especially mothers — want to document their pregnancies through photos.

This woman appeared so comfortable in her skin that it was a complete joy to take her picture and spend the afternoon with her.  At her request, these photos were taken outside.  She wanted to remember this child as her “summer baby,” and fortunately the temperature and the late afternoon sunlight cooperated beautifully.

Fitting for someone from California, don’t you think?  I wish her health and happiness for the remainder of her pregnancy and as her family welcomes this little one.


Hello, Little Man

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Oh, the newborn baby.

So tiny.  So precious.  So completely vulnerable and yet, somehow, so amazingly strong and resilient.

This little man was a week old at the time of this photo shoot.  As is characteristic of newborns, he slept a lot.  The entire time, actually.  And as is characteristic of parents of newborns, this mom and dad may have felt a bit pooped.

But you’d never know it by looking at these moments.  All you see in their faces is pure love and awe for this new life they’ve created.

Welcome to the world, little one.  And welcome to a wonderful family.

Preserving The Transition From Three to Four

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For some, there comes a time when you transition from being a family of three to a family of four.  A time when you can count the moments before your only child becomes one of two children.  I imagine there is a sweet melancholy that accompanies this transition, one that you would want to remember and preserve before life once again changes dramatically.

This family wanted to capture a few quiet moments with their daughter before the birth of their second child in just a few short weeks.  We spent a sunny Saturday morning together and managed to preserve a little of that sweetness.

A Glimpse Into Fatherhood

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Being a woman, I can’t speak about what it’s like to be a father.  But as a photographer, I am in a position to observe that relationship and to capture and preserve the moments of love and joy that occur between a father and his children.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are some photos from a recent newborn session.  These photos are some of my favorite moments between a loving father and his little ones.

A Birthday Surprise


When else can you anticipate a genuine surprise but on your birthday?

This little man (and, let’s be truthful here — his dad, too) wanted to surprise his mother for her 30th birthday.  We met in secret at a local park on a sunny afternoon and spent some time capturing a few moments of pure joy and love between a son and his father.  At one point, a local fire station sounded its alarms and the little one got scared, but it allowed me to catch a few tender moments, too.

Happy Birthday, Mama!  Here’s to another year of life filled with love.

A Few Quiet Moments

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Life means different things to different people.  To me, I am most reminded of the preciousness and vulnerability of human life when I’m near newborn babies.  This week, I had the great pleasure of being invited into the home of this newborn baby boy to document a few quiet moments of his young life.  And was he quiet!  He may have been the sweetest, most cooperative human being who has ever looked into my lens.  The tender moments I observed between him and his family were truly moving.

Welcome to the world, Little One.

Quest Autism Programs, Inc.

Nonprofit Organizations

In recognition of April as Autism Awareness Month, I am sharing information about a nonprofit organization in our Bergen County community: Quest Autism Programs, Inc.  During the fall of 2013, I took photos of Quest participants as they learned valuable lifestyle, social, and vocational skills.  Because of Quest, these adults have the opportunity to learn (and to practice what they’ve learned) in environments where they are safe and supported.  The professionals at Quest are doing great work to improve the lives of men and women with autism.

You can learn more about their efforts by visiting them online or on Facebook.